Two people canoeing in Kickapoo State Park


Paddle the river or explore one of our lakes

Kickapoo Adventures provides a full complement of paddling adventures. With a large selection of lakes nearby and access to the Middle Fork of the Vermilion River, Illinois' only National Scenic River, paddlers have a variety of paddling choices.

No matter your choice, if you take a river trip or a relaxed paddle on of our lakes, adventure is just around the corner.

Daily Rentals

Not in the mood for the river? May we suggest exploring the calm, forested coves and outlets of Kickapoo State Park's many lakes. Enjoy a brisk or relaxed paddle, bring a rod and fish that hard to get to spot, or sightsee the fauna and wildlife from a large selection of watercraft. Start right from the boathouse on Clear Lake, or request a shuttle to a lake of your choice, including Lake Mingo in Kennekuk Park.

Types of watercraft available for rental are as follows:

Red canoe

Canoes: Our canoe selection offers stability and maneuverability; perfect choices for paddling on a lake or river. Canoes are the best option when you need to haul lots of gear, like space to move around, or have children you want to join in.

Yellow kayak

Recreational Kayaks: Recreational kayaks, also known as sit in or cockpit kayaks, are stable kayaks that give the paddler a low center of gravity, multiple points of body control and responsiveness. Although entering and exiting require greater effort, the benefits of better control are suited to the sportier paddler.

Mottled red-yellow sit on top kayak

Sit on Top Kayaks: Paddlers sit on top on these kayaks, hence the name. This popular style of kayak is designed for easy exit and entry, splashing or just laying out and soaking up the sun. They tend to be slightly wider than recreational kayaks, which provides good stability.

Fisherman fishing, sitting on a beige kayak in a lake

Angler Sit on Top Kayaks: These are sit on top kayaks outfitted to specifically appeal to fishermen. Rod holders, tank wells and other well placed enhancements make these the ultimate companion for the savvy fisherman.

Orange tandem kayak

Tandem Recreational Kayaks: These are also sit in kayaks, with the difference being that two paddlers fit into a single cockpit. Tandems tend to be easier to control for novices than canoes, especially when only one paddler is engaged.

Lime green and white tandem sit on top kayak

Tandem Sit on Top Kayaks: These have the same advantage of tandem recreational kayaks, with the unrestricted movement that sit on top kayaks offer. These are a very popular alternative to canoes.

Two young men standing on yellow paddle boards in a lake

Paddle Boards: Stand up paddleboarding is a completely different way to move on the water. Instead of laying or sitting on a surfboard, the paddler stands on the board and propels themselves with a paddle. Rent one and experience the fastest growing segments of paddlesports,